Vertical jump height measurement device


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Vertical Jump Height Measurement Device

Vertical jump height measurement device great for professional volleyball clubs, colleges, sport schools and amateur teams. It’s a best way to test leg power. Be follow training progress of your team players with vertical jump challenger. Professional tester perfect to measure vertical jump standing as well as run up vertical jump. The measurement device can be used indoors or outdoors.

Device consist from stable base and removable steel frame construction with horizontal plastic vanes. To indicate the height reached vanes are rotated out of the way by the hand. The height of the vanes is adjustable from 210 – 370 cm (without extension from 170 cm – 330 cm) to test beginners as well as elite athletes. Each vane is in 1 cm increments. The frame consist of 60 wanes in total, red and blue colors by 10 of each.

Before the test ensure the height is set correctly. Таке the standing height of athlete with one arm fully extended upward. Give the athlete attempt (may be few) to jump-up and to touch the highest possible vane. The jump height would be the difference between standing height and jumping height. To prevent long jump please place testing device one meter from net or in front of marked line. After each attempt handy pole with rope reset the vanes in default position without lowering the unit.

The base of the trainer might be used multifunctional:

  • professional volleyball block trainer
  • vertical jump height measurement device
  • volleyball setter precision trainer


  • To measure standing and run up vertical jumps
  • Height: from 170 cm – 370 cm
  • Vane: 60 pcs.
  • Increments: 1 cm
  • Weight: two cartons / 154 x 26 x 17 – 27kg / 98 x 37 x 7 – 4.8kg
  • Local shipping: 5 – 14 working days (For additional details and international shipping please contact the seller)

Color: Blue/Red

Measurement Device Assembly:

Vertical jump height measurement device assembly

Vertical jump height measurement device assembly










Please note, each single device was assembled and disassembled before selling to ensure that all parts are matching.