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Volleyball equipment online shop | SporTraffic.Com

Volleyball equipment online shop, indoor and beach. If you are looking for volleyball jersey, balls, indoor or outdoor stuff- you are in the right place!

SporTraffic.Com is professional online volleyball and beach volleyball equipment’s online store. With almost 25 years of experience in volleyball. You can find a wide range of volleyball items to purchase.

Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Equipment

You will find professional indoor and outdoor volleyball equipment such as: volleyball posts, volleyball nets, beach volleyball nets, volleyball serving machine Total Attack, beach volleyball lines, volleyball antennas, antennas sleeves, ball carts, ball bags. MIKASA balls: Mikasa V200W Official FIVB indoor Game Ball,  Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ official game ball for Olympic Games, FIVB and CEV competitions and other MIKASA training and competition balls. MOLTEN balls: Molten V5M5000 official competition ball in Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Lithuania and others. New elite Molten V5B5000 Beach Volleyball official ball for USA beach competition, and much more other training and competition MOLTEN balls.  Digital pressure gauge MIKASA AG500 for volleyball referee, whistles, referee cards, referee toss coin, pumps. Volleyball Souvenirs for volleyball fans!

Basketball Balls

Extensive amount of MOLTEN Basketball Balls: Molten BGL7X and Molten BGL6X official balls for Olympic Games, European Championships and Tournaments. Molten BGG7X official game ball for Lithuanian Men Basketball League. Molten B33T5000  FIBA approved 3 x 3 Streetball and much more…

SporTraffic.Com caters for players and athletes of all levels: junior, youth, professional and amateur.

ASICS and MIZUNO Volleyball Shoes

Year on year we are delighted to introduce to you NEW volleyball models of ASICS and MIZUNO Shoes. You can choose between low cut model for extremely fast ride on the court or mid cut model to ensure stability and advanced power transfer for a higher jump. ASICS and MIZUNO shoes come highly recommended by the best volleyball players in the world. If you are looking for running shoes, tennis, squash, badminton or handball shoes, just simply contact us and we would be happy to assist you.


We stock a wide range of socks for many sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, running, rugby, american football. Any style, colour and model: socks with own logotype, women knee high volleyball socks, low cut, compression socks, ankle socks, sweatbands.

COLO Intelligence Sportswear

Since 2016 we are distributors of  professional sportswear COLO. Top volleyball clubs from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania are playing with COLO jerseys. Lotos Trefl Gdansk from the highest level of Polish volleyball- “PlusLiga” played with well designed, unique and stylish uniform in the CEV Volleyball Champions League. COLO it is intelligence sportswear for clubs, sport schools and professional teams. Professional uniforms, tracksuits, jerseys for soccer, volleyball, beach volleyball jersey, basketball, handball, floorball, athletics, american football, ice hockey and etc.

Compression / Thermal Underwear

An extensive range  of compression / thermal underwear from NIKE, COLO and MIZUNO: leggings, pats, compression sleeves, volleyball PRO sleeves, compression long sleeve t-shorts, compression sleeveless t-shirts, PRO COOL t-shirts compression shorts, compression socks , training tights. ASICS and MIZUNO volleyball kneepads are available online.

Sand Socks

Sand Socks, Sprites and Grip Socks by Vincere Sports are perfect to protect your feet in hot/ cold conditions or from rocky sand. Ideal for beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach tennis, running or walking on the beach and etc.


We endeavour to provide a high quality of service and are always happy to receive your feedback about our work, service, product’s quality, stock range and etc. Please contact us any time with your comments . We would be delighted to hear from you!

We are official partners of Amber Coast Beach Cup. Great international, amateur, beach volleyball competition located in Dublin.

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