Snow volleyball is a winter team sport. It is fun, passionate and universal sport, and quite similar to beach and indoor volleyball. Thanks to this new variety of volleyball, we can enjoy the game all year round, from the summer to the winter, indoor and outdoor. Just keep ball flying any season, anywhere!

The FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) positioning snow volleyball as one of the winter team sports and promotes this unique  type of volleyball to become one of the disciplines of winter Olympics. The FIVB regulations state that the ball must be spherical and made of a soft and water-resistant material when it is suitable for outdoor conditions. The dimensions of the ball are no different from the beach volleyball ball.

Do players wear special clothing? There are currently no special snow volleyball uniforms, so a variety of clothing can be worn on the courts. Most athletes who plays snow volleyball are also beach or indoor volleyball players. Players are usually wearing thermal underwear. This helps players keep warm especially in negative temperatures. Thermal garments have thermoregulatory properties – adapts to the environment and helps to regulate the human body temperature. In case of cold, warms the body, in case of heat – maintains body temperature and prevents overheating. On the top athletes wear regular volleyball clothing.

Snow volleyball also requires special footwear as the court is covered in snow or ice. To get grip and stability, players choose to wear soccer shoes. Football boots feature spikes on the sole of the shoe that ensure grip, prevent the player from slipping and protect the athlete from injury.

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