Ball stop sports netting it’s a great solution to protect play grounds, outdoor courts and practice areas. Stop net is a cost-effective and easy to install protection. The main purpose of the net is to stop the balls during training, competition or leisure play. Ball stop netting is protecting spectators from missed shots, players, buildings, landscape area around sport court. Also net is saving game time and power of athletes.

Mid-weight, knotless stop netting might be produced and cut to any required size for accurate, easy and quick installation. We are producing nets according customer needs. You just need to place an order and after some time to receive protection net ready to hang. Wearproof, hardwearing, soft to the touch netting by well known German brand HUCK. Various size of the mesh comes and thickness makes netting suitable for most sports with small and large balls, such as tennis, beach tennis, football, volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, hockey, badminton, rugby, handball and much more. The nets are made from UV protected and weather resistant the high tenacity polypropylene. To provide additional strength and durability, the edges of the ball stop netting are reinforced and stitched with braid.