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The extensive range of indoor volleyball net systems guarantees the most compatibility and comfort when it comes to choosing the best match for your needs. Usually the net is 1 m wide and between 9.50 – 10 m long (with 25 to 50 cm on each side of the side bands) and is being fixed to the posts with 4 – 6 tension ropes. We offer a huge amount of options that will satisfy everybody’s volleyball demands for both recreational and competitive use. Choose from the largest professional volleyball net manufacturers based in various countries, such as HUCK of German production, KVRezac from Czech Republic or Polish brand NETEX. These companies provide numerous types of volleyball nets that are suitable for players of different skills. HUCK even comes up with a net for sitting volleyball. It is crucial to find a high quality net not only for great durability and correct properties but also for safety of the players. Our assortment allows to not only equip oneself with an exceptional indoor volleyball net but also supplies compatible antennas and antenna sleeves as well as pole covers in order to guarantee thorough equipment and best playing experience for every athlete.

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