Volleyball MOLTEN V5M5000 FIVB


Approved by FIVB


Official Competition Ball

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Volleyball MOLTEN V5M5000 FIVB

Volleyball MOLTEN V5M5000 FIVB is an official competition ball in Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Lithuania and other countries. MOLTEN is one of the most popular ball manufacturer in the world. Their mission, as they describe it, is “to produce and perfect sports equipment that allows athletes to fully realize their potential“. The MOLTEN volleyball fully depicts this motto.

Volleyball ball MOLTEN V5M5000 has been developed using FLISTATEC technology, which stands for Flight Stability Technology. The new FLISTATEC volleyball boosts increased ball control and improved visibility. The hexagonal surface texture ensures an even air distribution around the ball during the flight, which improves the flight path and perfects the ball’s drop point. Therefore, the ball flies more evenly and shoots almost exactly to the point you wanted without any deviations. This results in extremely precise sets and passes, which are crucial for a top quality game. The Flight Stability Technology is based on many carried out tests and experiments that proved a significant difference between a ball with and without FLISTATEC.

The hexagonal surface pattern also ensures a better grip to the surface during the game and minimizes the probability of slipping. Specific surface materials are pleasant and soft to the touch. Vibrant and contrasting colors provide even better visibility and 18 structural panels allow easier observation of the rotation of the ball. Specialized internal structure grants a low leakage probability and, thus, keeps a stable air pressure.

MOLTEN volleyball is created to maximize the ball performance and allow players to reach their full potential without having to worry about the possible errors of the ball flight path. Thus, this ball is being used by various volleyball elite athletes and provides a top quality experience.


  • Approved by FIVB
  • FLISTATEC technology
  • Circumference 65 – 67 cm
  • Weight 260 – 280 g
  • Size 5 Official
  • Local shipping: 1 – 3 working days (for additional details and international shipping please contact the seller)

Color: White/Red/Green