Spiky Massage Ball

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Diameter: 5.4 cm

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Spiky Massage Ball

Spiky Massage Ball is used to perform relaxing massage of the entire body, assist with hand muscle exercise and for fun. The specially shaped spikes improved blood circulation by reducing muscle tension and stimulate sensory receptors by means of acupressure.

It has been found that all kind of “hedge toys”, balls and rollers are very helpful when treating children suffering from leg deviation and flat foot.

Massage Ball is recommended not only for sportsmen post-traumatic rehabilitation, but also to enhance individual and group exercises for children.

Clean the product before use. Do not give the package to the child. Keep the packaging for future reference. Product is not suitable for children under the age 3.


  • Perform relaxing massage
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Stimulate sensory receptors
  • Diameter: 5.4 cm
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Colors: Blue/Yellow/Red/Green