Agility Ladder VINEX


Improves Foot Speed and Reactivity


Great for All Sports and any Age

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Agility Ladder VINEX

Agility Ladder VINEX is an exercise equipment used for performing various footwork to increase your agility, speed, reaction, balance and coordination. These skills are necessary to any athlete in any sport.

Also known as speed ladders are popular with athletes and coaches. The simple but effective design is ideal for a variety of sports training, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, rugby, football, boxing, tennis and more.

Agility ladders make workouts fun and engaging for anyone from children to older adults. Easy to store and use in a gym or outdoors.

Bright colour makes it easy to see.



  • Double Ladder
  • Great for All Sports and any Age
  • Lightweight, Durable and Easy to Store
  • Improves Foot Speed and Reactivity
  • Length: 4 m, 9 m


Colour: Yellow

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