SPALDING TF33 Gold Basketball Ball

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Indoor/Outdoor Ball



Size 6

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SPALDING TF33 Gold Basketball Ball

SPALDING TF33 Gold basketball ball designed for outdoor and indoor play. TF33 model is an official competition 3 x 3 game ball, approved by FIBA (International Basketball Federation).

The ball is made from performance composite cover. The surface of two different shades provides the ultimate experience in ball visibility. The deep grooves provides better handling of the ball.

SPALDING’s Top Flite (TF) marks symbolize premium product. Brand have a rich history of leading the way in the category. SPALDING consistently delivers innovation, quality and performance and expanding for players the TF experience to more products. The brand is evolving, but always staying true to drive for perfection. Since 1950s, the TF mark led the way with new innovations such as synthetic leather, wider and deeper channels, moisture management and cushioned covers for premium basketballs, volleyballs and golf products. SPALDING will continue to be the leader in basketball.

According FIBA 3 x 3 requirements, the size and weight of the 3 x 3 ball must be different from the indoor basketball. TF33 ball is designed to fit a size 6 basketball but weigh the same as a size 7 ball. It’s providing better maneuverability and wind resistance during outdoor play.


  • Official competition game ball
  • Approved by FIBA
  • Composition: performance composite cover
  • Deep grooves
  • For indoor/outdoor play
  • Uninflated
  • Weight: 600 g
  • Size: 6
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Colors: Blue/Yellow