MIKASA SV335-V8 Snow Volleyball


MIKASA SV335-V8 Snow Volleyball

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FIVB Approved

Official game ball

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MIKASA SV335-V8 Snow Volleyball

MIKASA SV335-V8 snow volleyball is an official size and weight exclusive game ball. Professional model was created specially for FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) World Tour and the official world’s top professional games and competitions.

Iconic 8 paneled design with contrasting colors enhances visibility and meets all international standards. Snow volleyball ball approved by FIVB.

Laminating construction and finest micro material covering with sponge finish enable the MIKASA SV335-V8 to combine the perfect water proof and softness in extremely low temperatures. Soft and non-slippery surface for maximum ball control. Decreased rebound effect lengthens contact time for precise passes in the snow. Reinforced panels with a two-layer textile for optimal shape retention. These features are providing stable softness in touch even in arctic climate and making the ball ideal for Snow Volleyball.

MIKASA snow volleyball is created to maximize the ball performance and allow players to reach their full potential without having to worry about the technical ball properties in winterly conditions. Thus, this ball is being used by various volleyball elite athletes and provides a top quality experience. Discover the best quality products for affordable prices in our online shop.


  • FIVB Approved
  • Official game ball
  • Water proof
  • Soft touch
  • 8 paneled design
  • Size: 66 – 68 cm
  • Weight: 260 – 280g
  • Material: EVA foam cover
  • Construction: laminated
  • Country: Thailand
  • Size 5

Color: Blue/Yellow