MIKASA BV551C-WYBR Beach Classic Volleyball Ball


FIVB Training Ball



Official Size and Weight

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MIKASA BV551C-WYBR Beach Classic Volleyball Ball

MIKASA BV551C-WYBR Beach Classic volleyball ball it’s a high quality training model. It’s exclusive official practice ball approved by FIVB (International Volleyball Federation).

The next generation beach ball MIKASA BV551C is replacing VXT30 on the market. The ball was created based on feedback from the world’s best players and coaches and MIKASA innovation, environmentally friendly technology.

Updated surface design increases visibility during play. The newly developed material in combination with most advanced “TwinSTlock” increases water resistance. In addition, Beach Classic reduces it’s environmental impact. Production have been made with the application of synthetic leather with recycled nylon and elimination of solvent-based inks.

MIKASA BV551C-WYBR is an official size and weight FIVB beach volleyball training ball. Soft built PU cover with a floating bladder construction and ten-panel design gives players outstanding handling and control. The tricolor combination of yellow for golden sand, blue for the endless skies and red for scorching sun means beach volleyball game.


  • Official FIVB training ball
  • FIVB Approved
  • Better grip
  • Enhanced ball control
  • Soft PU cover
  • TwinSTlock technology
  • Improved water resistance
  • Synthetic leather
  • Recycle-nylon
  • Water-based inks
  • Sand resistant valve core
  • Construction: stitched
  • 10 panel design
  • Size: 66 – 68 cm
  • Weight: 260 – 280 g
  • Size 5 – official
  • Made in Thailand
  • Local shipping: 1 – 3 working days (for additional details and international shipping please contact the seller)

Colors: Yellow/Blue/Red/White