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GAMEPATCH Compression Knee Pads

GAMEPATCH compression knee pads is one the most innovative protection on the market. GAMEPATCH designed to protect the knees from hits and falls. Also pads are made to compress your legs and keep your muscles warm and free from injury. Unisex protection is ideal for men and women, boys and girls. GAMEPATCH suitable for many sport activities such as basketball, volleyball, handball and much more indoor/outdoor games.

Knee pads give your knees protection through all kinds of training activities. As a result you are getting great stability and comfort around your knees. The main aim of  kneepads is to protect the kneecap, while playing in court. Also, they prevent any skin burns from falling on the ground while digging the ball. Kneepads are essential element in order to increase the protection of the most vulnerable joints in human body. It’s protective gear and worn on knees to protect them against impact injury from falling to the ground.

The main advantage of GAMEPATCH compression knee pads is the unique body adjust technology (BAT). Feature BAT ensure superior protection and comfort to athletes. Due to unique technology, the padding will react to athletes body temperature and wrap around knees. In less than a minute protection gear will suggest high level of comfort. GAMEPATCH padding provides high impact protection, shock absorption and protection from falls, various collisions, hits and skin abrasion during the sport activity. Superior muscle support without restricting motion ensured by premium compression fabric.

Compression pads are becoming more and more popular as a part of sports wear that provides various features. This increases oxygen flow to the muscles and improves blood circulation. Therefore, your muscles recover faster after a hard physical challenge. In addition, sports compression sleeves stabilize the knee joint and prevent from bruising. Moisture management properties ensure that your legs will stay dry even during intense training. It is essential to find a great fit and quality knee pads to reach maximum comfort. If the pads are too snug you could risk decreasing your blood flow and doing more harm than good.GAMEPATCH padded compression arm sleeve body temperature

Shock absorbing: padding absorbs impact 20% more effectively. After impact padding instantly takes back primary form. Adjusting to body: due to innovative Body Adjust Technology (BAT) padding is quickly create custom fit. The BAT technology activates once player warm up and body reaches the optimal temperature. It’s achieved at 36.6 – 37 °C (97.7 ° – 98.6 ° F). The padding gets softer and takes athlete’s form around the body. High level of comfort offers by extremely thin and effective protective padding. Innovative design and high-quality compression fabric provides durability. Handcrafted in Europe GAMEPATCH products meets the highest quality standards.


  • Sold in pairs
  • Gender: unisex
  • Compression technology
  • Effective impact protection
  • Shock absorption
  • Thin and light
  • Adjusting to body
  • Innovative design
  • BAT technology
  • Fast and easy put on / take off
  • Perfect fit and comfort
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in EU
  • Local shipping: 1 – 3 working days (best to contact with seller [email protected] before buying)

Color: Black


Cm28 - 3131 - 3434 - 37 37- 4040 - 4343 - 46
Inch11 - 12.212.2 - 13.413.4 - 14.614.6 - 15.715.7 - 16.916.9 - 18.1

GAMEPATCH compression knee pads size measure

*In between sizes? Choose one size down for tight fit or one size up for loose fit.

**Please note, the padding isn’t fully abrasion resistant. During the contact with the floor padding might be burn/worn out from slide and leave visual defects.