DONIC Waldner 900 Table Tennis Bat

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DONIC Waldner 900 Table Tennis Bat

DONIC Waldner 900 table tennis bat for mixed play of all techniques with spin and high speed. Unisex two top bat for advanced players. Additional features ABP (adjustable balance point) and ERGO (ergonomic handle) keeps high level of play.

Stiffer blade enlarge the sweet spot. As result blades produce less vibrations and higher basic speed with lot of power and precision. These type of blades are perfect suitable for offensive players with high demands.

Adjustable Balance Point ABP allows individually adjustment balance point of the bat. There feature allows individual styles of play. Weight balance distribution towards the head of bat offering striking power for offensive style of play. Well balanced handle offers more accurate shots and ball slicing. Weight is distributed closer to the handle for controlled style of play.

Ergo (ergonomic) handle perfect fits to the hand. Rounded shape avoids pressure in the hand and provides comfortable handle feel.

DONIC is famous and well known table tennis brand in the world. Schildkröt factory with unsurpassed technical standard is one of the largest table tennis factories worldwide and exported products to over 70 countries.


  • Level 900
  • Type of player: Attack
  • Unisex
  • ABP (adjustable balance point)
  • ERGO
  • Wood: Competition (5C)
  • Handle: concave
  • Rubber: Alpha Slick
  • Sponge: 2,1 mm
  • Speed: 90
  • Rotation: 90
  • Control: 60
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