MIKASA BV550C-WYBR Sprites Beach Set

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Beach Volleyball Pro Ball & Pair of Socks



MIKASA BV550C-WYBR Sprites Set

MIKASA BV550C-WYBR Sprites beach set consists of volleyball ball and pair of sand socks. Great way for beach players to save and get more.


MIKASA BV550C-WYBR beach pro volleyball ball it’s a professional model for the top world’s games. It’s exclusive official game ball for all FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) events.

The next generation beach ball MIKASA BV550C-WYBR is replacing VLS300 on the market. The debut of new ball was made 26 January 2023 at Volleyball World’s Beach Pro Tour Finals in Doha. The ball was created based on feedback from the world’s best players and coaches and MIKASA innovation, environmentally friendly technology.

The new features of the ball compared with VLS300 are dimpled ball surface for exceptional fingertip touch, improved water resistance and all new valve system to lock out sand. Updated surface design increases visibility during play. The newly developed material in combination with “TwinSTlock” increases water resistance. In addition, MIKASA BV550C reduces it’s environmental impact. Production have been made with the application of synthetic leather with recycled nylon and elimination of solvent-based inks.

The tricolor combination of yellow for golden sand, blue for the endless skies and red for scorching sun means beach volleyball game.


Black low top Sprites Sand Socks invented by Vincere Sports for those who want to look great and play great too! This Summer Sprites keep your legs cooler with a barefoot-feel because of their low-cut design! Perfect for slipping on and off with a snug-fit neoprene band before running off to play a game!

Like high-tops, Sprites Sand Socks let you move faster and jump higher with the neoprene Action Flex Sole designed for beach volleyball, soccer, tennis, handball and other beach sports.

Protect your feet from hot, cold, or rocky sand. Neoprene heel and toe protects your feet from blisters and chafing. Breathable spandex uppers complete the barefoot feel. Unisex Sprites Sand Socks are lightweight and dry quickly.


  • Set of ball and pair of socks
  • MIKASA BV550C-WYBR Beach Pro volleyball ball
  • Low top Sprites Sand Socks
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MIKASA BV550C-WYBR Features:

  • Official FIVB game ball
  • FIVB approved
  • Professional model
  • Dimpled surface
  • Better grip
  • Enhanced ball control
  • Softer feeling
  • Improved water resistance
  • Synthetic leather
  • Recycle-nylon
  • Water-based inks
  • Sand resistant valve core
  • Construction: stitched
  • 10 panel design
  • Size: 66 – 68 cm
  • Weight: 260 – 280 g / 2 balls: 520 – 560 g
  • Size 5 – official
  • Made in Thailand

Colors: Yellow/Blue/Red/White


Sprites Features:

  • Unisex
  • Improve balance and feel, while protecting feet from the elements
  • 3mm thick neoprene Action Flex Soles protect against heat, cold, sharp objects, and dirt
  • Stretchable Duratex coating on sole gives strength with a comfortable elastic fit
  • Lightweight, cool, and breathable Spandex uppers let feet breathe during workouts
  • Keep out sand, mud, dirt, and sun with UV protection
  • Protective neoprene toe and heel for injury prevention
  • Reinforced Flat-lock Stitching for long-lasting use
  • Wear in or out of shoes or sandals

Color: Black

by Vincere Sports

Sand Socks Size Chart:

XXSWomen1 - 31 - 232 - 34Men1 - 21 - 232 - 34
XSWomen3½ – 62½ – 3½34½ – 36Men2½ – 42½ – 3½34½ – 36
SWomen6½ – 8½4 – 636½ – 39Men4½ – 6½4 – 636½ – 39
MWomen9 – 11½6½ – 939½ – 43½Men7 – 106½ – 9½39½ – 43½
LWomen12 – 149½ – 11½44 – 46Men10½ – 1210 – 11½44 – 46
XLWomen14½ +12 +46½ – 48½Men12½ – 1412 – 13½46½ – 48½
XXLWomenMen14½ +14 +49