Top 5 Best Balls for Beach Volleyball 2020

Top 5 Best Balls for Beach Volleyball 2020

Top 5 Best Balls for Beach Volleyball 2020

Top 5 Best Balls for Beach Volleyball 2020

Before announcement of top 5 best balls for beach volleyball, let’s discover how we have chosen them.

Beach volleyball is one of the most popular Summer games in the world. People of all ages spending hours outside to keep the ball fly. What can be better to play after work?! Or meet on the weekend with friends in the warm, sunny day.

If you just started to play beach volleyball, you have a lot of questions about the balls.

  • What volleyball ball should I buy?
  • What is the best beach volleyball ball?
  • What is the difference between indoor and outdoor volleyball balls?
  • What is the official beach volleyball ball?

Today’s market have a really big number of beach volleyball balls. You can find them even in the big food store. When you are opening online page, there are also huge choice of the balls. Most of them are official size and weight with big difference in the price range. But you need only one and it can be really hard decision which volleyball ball to buy.  To help you do that, we made our ranking of beach volleyball balls. This ranking is based on players (customers) reviews, characteristics and features of the balls, popularity and our own experience. Let’s answer on main questions first and then discover our ranking.

It is really good idea to buy own ball, even if you are started to play beach volleyball regularly. You will not need anymore to call to your teammates, friends or colleges with favor to borrow the ball or wait for the next practice.

If you are planning to play few times during the Summer, you not need expensive volleyball ball. The ball with ranking 4-5  in our top would be fully enough for your needs. If you are playing regularly and price is not a problem for you, then is better to choose top balls. To play a lot and hard with budget ball can just destroy him very soon. Professional ball is much softer, have a high quality stitched seam lines, better bladder construction and water resistance.

The main difference between beach volleyball balls and indoor balls is size, pressure and leather type. According FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) standards pressure in the outdoor balls should be 0.175 – 0.225 kgf/cmand 0.3 – 0.325 kgf/cm2 for indoor. Circumference for outdoor 66 to 68 cm and for indoor 65 to 67 cm. Weight is the same: : 260 to 280 g. This means that beach volleyball balls are a bit bigger and softer than indoor volleyball balls. Softer ball performs better with sand and makes people think that outdoor ball is lighter than indoor. Also all contacts with the outdoor ball would be slightly easier. Surface of outdoor and indoor balls consist from panels. Panels for beach volleyball ball are stitched. Mix of leather and composite materials making outdoor balls more water resistant. Panels for indoor ball are glued and made from leather.

Some of related information you can find in our previous post volleyball balls all what you need to know.

And finally, our Top 5 Best Balls for Beach Volleyball 2020 ranking:

5. MOLTEN V5B1501-Y

Cool design and sunny colors make this ball favorite for adults and children.

MOLTEN V5B1501 Beach Volleyball



Reduced weight and soft foam surface making this ball perfect for children training and fun session.

MIKASA SBV Youth Beach Volleyball



MIKASA VXT30 is official size and weight FIVB beach volleyball training ball. Great for training, friendly matches and just outdoor fun.

MIKASA VXT30 Beach Volleyball


2. MOLTEN V5B5000

Molten V5B5000 is official ball for USA beach competition. Polyurethane cover construction offers superior grip and durability. Elite ball ensuring more consistent performance in wet weather conditions. FIVB approved.

NEW ELITE MOLTEN V5B5000 Beach Volleyball


1. MIKASA VLS300 Beach Champ

Very strong leading position on the top of our ranking for official game ball of Olympic Games (London 2012, Rio 2016), FIVB World Tours, CEV European Championship Tours. You will really enjoy the game with this amazing beach volleyball ball.

Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ