Компрессионные Нарукавники COLO VOLLEY PRO

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Компрессионные Нарукавники COLO VOLLEY PRO Unisex suitable for many sport activities: volleyball, running, cycling, gym, indoor/outdoor games.


Sublimation Printings


Colours: 06 — Blue/Yellow, 07 — White/Gray



Компрессионные Нарукавники COLO VOLLEY PRO

Компрессионные Нарукавники COLO VOLLEY PRO are made to compress your arm and keep your muscles warm and free from injury. These sleeves are ideal for men and women, boys and girls. VOLLEY PRO suitable for many sport activities such as volleyball, running, cycling, gym, indoor/outdoor games (beach volleyball, snow volleyball, basketball, tennis etc.)  and much more.

Tested by Polish Men’s «Plus» and Women’s «Orlen» Volleyball leagues players.



  • Sublimation Techlologies
  • One pair of sleeves
  • Compression technology
  • Perfect fit and comfort
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Machine wash: 40°
  • Material: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex (Elastane)



06 — Blue/Yellow

07 — White/Gray

Sublimation — is a technology of the printings transfer during thermal gas transformation. It’s highly precise method which also allows printing of most complicated designs, colour gradients or even photos.The technology of sublimation takes the advantage of the fact , that some pigments heated to the proper temperature pass from the solid state of gaseous. The pair of pigments are absorbed and blocked by polyester molecules. As the results, we receive prints of an excellent  quality on polyester materials.We connected best machines with special materials and technologies which allows us to offer unlimited colours palette. All sublimation printings are weatherproof and erasure resistant. Moreover this kind of printing offers great wearing comfort as it’s imperceptible on clothes.

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