Water Polo Ball MIKASA W6009W


FINA Official Game Ball for Women

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Water Polo Ball MIKASA W6009W

Water polo ball MIKASA W6009W is professional model for women competitions. MIKASA W6009W is FINA (International Swimming Federation) official game ball. MIKASA continues to be the top choice ball for water polo since 1980.Water Polo Ball MIKASA W6000W Vertical lining in the seam lines

Made of top quality natural rubber cover with professionally buffed surface ball ensures a better grip and minimizes chances of slipping. Double butyl bladder provides extra endurance. Iconic MIKASA design with highly visible colors for players and spectators. MIKASA ball is specially created to maximize the performance capabilities when in contact with water. Long-lasting materials ensure the highest quality and durability throughout the time of use.  The ball is best for international competitions.

MIKASA W6009W is designed precisely for water sports in order to achieve the best possible playing experience. Thus, this water polo game ball is being used by various water polo elite athletes and demonstrates top quality standards. Discover the best quality products for affordable prices in our online shop.


Water Polo Ball MIKASA W6000W molded hairline buff


  • FINA official game ball
  • Powerful Grips
  • Circumference: 65 – 67  cm
  • Weight: 400 – 450 g
  • Material: top quality rubber cover
  • Professional deep buffed surface
  • Vertical lining in the seam lines
  • Molded hairline buff
  • Made in Thailand
  • Size 4 Women’s
  • Local shipping: 1 – 3 working days (for additional details and international shipping please contact the seller)

Color: Yellow/Blue/Pink