Volleyball Car Sticker 3D Women





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Volleyball Car Sticker 3D Women

Volleyball car sticker 3D women will show your hobbies, activities or lifestyle. The domed sticker is made of high quality materials, that allows to use it for a long time both outside and indoors. It is protected from the environment and household chemicals, does not scratch, does not fade and does not yellowing.


  • 3D domed car sticker
  • Easy to fit
  • High quality
  • Your Lifestyle and hobbies
Color: Black/Silver/Gold

Application Instruction

Domed car sticker 3D following conditions and sequence of installation must be completed for proper application of the sticker:

3D Domed Sticker Instruction

1. Bonding temperature: +20 – +25 °C;
2. Pre-clean and degrease application surface;
3. Apply an application tape if necessary (if the sticker is composed of several parts, application tape is included);
3.1. Separate application tape from the liner;
3.2. Put on the sticker and press strongly by using any plastic card;
3.3. Turn over the sticker;
4. Remove the protection liner (sticker’s backpaper) under sharp angle;
5. Bond the sticker. (Note: Sticker should be bonded to flat and smooth surface.);
6. Strongly press all parts of the sticker for 2-5 seconds;
7. After application doesn’t make any external influences (do not wash bonding place) for 3-5 days.


Video Instruction