Three-Player Chess


New Way of Play

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Three-Player Chess

Three-Player Chessboard

Three-player chess set is a new method to play chess with 3 persons simultaneously. Discover new challenges as the third player changes the momentum with exciting fashion.

The hexagon shape three-way chessboard divided into three areas with 32 squares each. The colors of the chess sets are white, black and red. The red chess pieces are beginning three-man game at the base A-H. Then game in a clockwise continues white pieces A-L. Next is the black pieces turn H-L.

All principles of movements of the pieces are the same as in classic chess game. Each player plays against each other. The “rosette” consisted of six squares is placed in the center of chessboard. The chess pieces can move thru the socket to the right or to the left side.

Three-Player Chess Queen
Three-Player Chess Queen
Three-Player Chess Rook
Three-Player Chess Rook
Three-Player Chess Bishop
Three-Player Bishop
Three-Player Chess King
Three-Player King
Three-Player Chess Pawn
Three-Player Pawn
Three-Player Chess Knight
Three-Player Knight

There are few ways to play in three-player chess.

The first option: game is continued until the first checkmate is delivered. The winner is the player who delivered the checkmate. The losers are both opponents. One of them who was checkmated and the next one, who did not prevent checkmate to the opponent.

The second game option allows after the first checkmate continue the match. The player who delivered a checkmate takes the pieces of the checkmated player. Then he/she continues to play with two sets of pieces.

The third option is similar to second option of the game. The play continues after the first king is captured. The different of this variations is the pieces of the checkmated player belongs to no-one. The pieces are not removed from the chessboard but they can be captured and replaced.

The game combines all of the infinite varieties of a classic chess. The introduction of third player in the chess is totally changing view on the strategy and style of play. Each next player can move to attack or to defense of any opponent. If one player trades off pieces with a second player, then third player gets the benefit.

Now players should avoid the trades and should use other strategies. Each of players must prevent the two opponents from checkmating one another.


  • Wooden
  • Chessboard dimensions: 20 x 35 x 4.5 cm
  • King height: 55 mm
  • Chess pieces has felt base
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Color: Brown/White/Red