MIKASA V345W School Volleyball


Standards of School Volleyball

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MIKASA V345W School Volleyball

MIKASA V345W school volleyball  is an official size and weight ball. High grade synthetic leather ball meets FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) requirements.

Perfectly balanced, unique 18 Panel aerodynamically designed construction improves ball movement and gives players greater control and better visibility. Updated SV-3 model. “TwinSTlock” hook and wring system prevents stitched panels from opening up. Official size 5, modern design and great value making this ball friendly for play with family and friends.

FIVB inspected ball meets standards of school volleyball. Ball is a bit lighter than regular size 5 volleyball balls.

Indoor ball designed by Mikasa V200W, official FIVB competitions game ball.


  • Official standards of school volleyball
  • FIVB inspected
  • “TwinSTlock” system
  • Unique 18-panel design
  • High Grade Synthetic Leather
  • Weight: 195 – 225 g
  • Circumference: 65 – 67 cm
  • Size 5 – Official
  • Local shipping: 1 – 3 working days (for additional details and international shipping please contact the seller)

Color: Yellow/Blue