YAKIMASPORT Resistance Power Tubes


Acceleration & Strength Training



Football | Volleyball | Basketball | Handball

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YAKIMASPORT Resistance Power Tubes

YAKIMASPORT resistance power tubes are perfect for increasing variety of football player workout. The set of two elastic resistance training bands and hip belt is designed to improve acceleration and strength during the same exercise. The assembly is extremely simple. Suitable for football, volleyball, basketball, handball and many other sports.

Training belt YAKIMASPORT intensifies every movement to train explosiveness, balance and range of motion in professional football athletes. Great for jump exercises, plyometric training and easy to use. Stretchable training belt improving players skills.


  • Resistance training
  • For many sports
  • Simple assembly
  • Stretchable
  • Hip belt
  • Two elastic side bands
  • Solid clamps
  • Weight: 0.60 kg
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Color: Black