Professional 4mm Volleyball Net HUCK


Kevlar cable



Weave thickness 4 mm

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Professional 4mm Indoor Volleyball Net HUCK

Professional 4mm volleyball net HUCK for high ranked tournaments and competitions. Net is made according FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) specifications.

Professional volleyball net is made of high-strength polypropylene, with weave thickness of 4 mm. White headband on the top 7 cm wide and 5 cm wide headband on the bottom.  Net is fixing to the posts with 6 tension ropes and quick-release fasteners. Dimensions 9.50 x 1.00 m. Mesh color black. With 11.70 m long Kevlar cord and side fibre glass reinforcements.

HUCK is one of the best volleyball nets manufacturer. German quality for top level matches.


  • According FIVB specifications
  • Length: 9.5 m
  • Width: 1 m
  • Kevlar cable: 11,7 m
  • Mesh size: 10 x 10 cm
  • Weave thickness: 4 mm
  • Headband: top 7 cm, bottom 5 cm
  • 6 tension ropes with quick-release fasteners
  • Material: net and bottom headband from polypropylene, top headband from polyester
  • Mesh color: black
  • Headband’s color: white
  • Made in Germany
  • Local shipping: 1 – 3 working days
  • International shipping: please contact the seller before purchase by [email protected]

Color: Black/White