MIKASA GOLDBV10 Beach Volleyball


VLS300 Beach Champ Design

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MIKASA GOLDBV10 Beach Volleyball

MIKASA GOLDBV10 beach volleyball is great promotion ball for various prizes. This gold-colored ball represents empowerment, passion, power and success, therefore, perfectly suits such occasions, as promotion, victory or some kind of an achievement in general. It is also ideal as a winning prize or for signatures. Discover the most festive and glamorous trophy volleyball by MIKASA and its endless possibilities that are up to you.

Beach volleyball GOLDBV10 is created with stitched construction and has a synthetic leather cover, which grants better durability. Specific surface materials are pleasant and soft to the touch. Stitched 10 panel design creates a visually pleasing effect. The new MIKASA GOLDBV10 beach volleyball was specially designed as a souvenir or trophy ball, thus, it is not recommended for play.

MIKASA volleyball is created as a festive attribute and also a symbol of volleyball. Therefore, it will perfectly serve as a present for volleyball enthusiasts or as a prize for various competitions. The ball not only delivers an extremely appealing visual aspect but also guarantees great technical properties and longevity, too. Discover the best quality products for affordable prices in our online shop.


  • Gift ball
  • VLS300 Beach Champ design
  • Size: 66 – 68 cm
  • Weight: 260 – 280g
  • Material: Synthetic leather cover
  • Construction: Stitched
  • Country: Thailand
  • Size 5

Color: Gold