LESWIM Kickboard


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Your Personal Swim Trainer Anywhere

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LESWIM Kickboard

LESWIM kickboard is an electric board that can provide both buoyancy and propulsion.

Every child has a dream to swim. LESWIM helps swimmers of all skill levels to glide through water. Designed for children and adults is easy to use and carry. Especially it can help beginners to overcome fear and build confidence. By making swimming easy and fun, electric board is a new style to play in water!

You just need to hold the two ergonomic buttons simultaneously to start it, and release them to stop.

Different from the monotonous look of traditional kickboards, LESWIM looks more fashionable. To protect children, two engine grilles are installed in the front and at the back of a deeply indented propeller. The propeller generates noise lower than 50 dB, so as to not cause any disturbances during use.

Board is featured with integrated design, intuitive control, low noise and guaranteed safety. Cool design includes personalised panels and the compatibility with GoPro camera to capture memorable underwater moments. The battery is rechargeable, easy to swap and well protected from water.



  • 30 min run time
  • Speed 1 m/s
  • Max depth 3 m
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Low noise
  • Portable size (mm): 455 x 369 x 161
  • GoPro compatible
  • Easy battery swapping
  • Propeller fence
  • Ergonomic Buttons