GOALRILLA DC72E1 Basketball Hoop


Meets NCAA and NBA Regulation



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GOALRILLA DC72E1 Basketball Hoop

GOALRILLA DC72E1 basketball hoop offers one of the best performance for the in-ground goals. DC72E1 basketball hoop in your driveway or backyard, is a cool way to keep whole family together outside. It is а great private playground to spend time with friends, colleagues. Perfect tool to improve professional skills during personal or team training. High quality sport inventory for outdoor city facilities, parks, recreational centers and schools.

Using a unique technology all vertical forces on the GOALRILLA DC72E1 are transferred via a DIRECT CONNECTION to a 10 cm steel beam, allowing a forces to bypass the backboard and its frame. A patented rim design that directly anchors it to the steel structure of the basketball hoop, allows the rim to support over twice as much force then any others rims that are supported by the glass backboard. GOALRILLA DC72E1 it is one of the strongest and most powerful basketball system in the world. The hoop can hold up to one metric ton of the weight.

The DC72E1 has a dual welded board arms which creates twice the strength of unsupported. When looking at the upper and lower board arms we see that they are supported by two reinforcing blocks of steel allowing a significant reduction to  goal vibration and increasing structural integrity. Rugged steel is used throughout the basketball hoops. To prevent rusting and damage of UV to this steel, hoops are covered in DuPont® Powder Coating, keeping the performance and the look of the basketball goal.

Take your game to next level with GOALRILLA hoops. Make your practice even more efficient and become the next star of basketball.


  • Meets NCAA and NBA regulation
  • Backboard dimensions: 183 x 107 x 1.3 cm
  • Backboard material: tempered glass
  • Height adjustment: 230 – 305 cm
  • Pole size: 15 x 20 cm when installed with Anchor-Kit (included)
  • Overhang: 113 – 130 cm
  • Rim Diameter: 45 cm
  • Weight: 207 kg
  • Certified by: TÜV Rhineland, inspection authority Shanghai
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Local delivery 10 – 21 working days (for additional details please contact the seller)

Colors: Black/White/Orange