Fabric Christmas ball ornament


Set: 5 balls


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Shatterproof Christmas ball ornaments

Shatterproof Christmas ball ornaments are great for winter holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They create a magical atmosphere and fill the space with Christmas spirit. Also great for official parties, feasts, holidays, banquets and other celebrations. Celebrate Christmas and the New Year surrounded by gorgeous handmade ornaments that will compliment any interior and bring joy to your home.

Each of these ornaments is one of a kind as they are all homemade. There are no two balls the same, so every one of them is special and unique. It creates a personal touch and, therefore, ideally suits as a Christmas present for your loved ones – every dad, mom, grandparent, sister, brother or friend will enjoy this handmade gift that represents love, care and warmth. Discover the most charming and festive holiday decorations that are perfect for enhancing the interior of your home or workplace.

Brightly colored holiday ornaments represent the most joyful Santa’s color – red. Moreover, the ornaments are shatterproof because the main part is made from foam and fabric, therefore, they will decorate your home for as long as you want to without accidentally breaking. These features allow them to be hung anywhere as they are very lightweight and unbreakable. Discover festive Christmas and New Year’s ornaments in our international shop for affordable prices.


  • Perfect gift
  • Handmade
  • Shatterproof
  • 1 Set:  5 balls (2 S, 1 S/M, 2 M)
  • Material: foam, fabric and other small details
  • Size (Diameter): S (6 cm), S/M (6.5 cm), M (8 cm)

Color: Winter

Made by: SporTraffic