Disposable shoe covers 100Pack Medrull Blue

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Package: 100 pcs. / 50 pairs


Color: Blue

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Disposable shoe covers 100Pack Medrull

Disposable shoe covers 100Pack Medrull made from high-quality polyethylene. Shoe covers great protect carpets and floors. Universal shape with comfortable elastic bonds helps easy to put them on and take off.  Medrull shoe covers effectively helps to maintain a sanitary environment. Great value and quality of 100 pack includes 50 pairs of blue shoe covers.

Our days we can find shoe covers in many places. Also there are many options how to use them. Nobody likes a dirty, wet or muddy pair of shoes. As well as no one likes to clean floor hundred times per day. In both cases shoe covers are great solution to solve a problem. Made of water-resistant polyethylene material, these lightweight Medrull layers slip on over shoes to keep them clean and dry. No matter, are you part of museum tour or indoor sports event, are you came to the hospital or visiting someone in hospice, play school or whenever- pair of blue covers it is all what you need. After the match you can go straight to your favorite player to make selfie. You not need anymore to take off your shoes and to leave them somewhere. You not need to keep with you all the time extra pair.

In both cases problem can be solved in a few second with pair of Medrull shoe covers. Thickness of disposable covers is 36 micron and maximum length 41 cm. Discover our sport medicine category and get online best disposable shoe covers by low price. The disposable polypropylene shoe covers are perfect for workplace, medical, sport events, museum tours, schools, indoor carpet floor, cars, garden, etc. Worldwide shipping options and free local delivery.


  • Package: 100 pcs. / 50 pairs
  • Disposable
  • One size
  • Universal shape
  • Material: polyethylene
  • Maximum length: 41 cm
  • Thickness: 36 micron
  • Local shipping: 1 – 3 working days (for additional details and international shipping please contact the seller)

Color: Blue