GOALIATH Basketball Ball Return System


Compatible with Most In-Ground Hoops

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GOALIATH Basketball Ball Return System

GOALIATH basketball ball return system is an useful practice equipment to save play time and landscape of your garden.

Get more out of every practice session. Ball return system will stop missed shots. You will not need to run after those balls and it will save your time and power. System can be set with the bottom of the net to roll balls back. Or to set the bottom of the net to the back to stop loose balls without interfering the game.

For the same time you will be able to make more shots towards the target. That’s makes your practice more productivity and efficiency. Also GOALIATH return system is protecting landscape of your garden.

Two heavy-duty nets anchors can be filled with sand or water.


  • Saving practice and game time
  • Protecting landscape
  • Durable mesh netting
  • Compatible with most in-ground hoops
  • Two heavy-duty anchors
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Local shipping: 10 – 21 working days (best to contact with seller [email protected] before buying)

Color: Black