Badminton Pickleball grass boundary lines


With centre line and short service lines


Great for Pickleball

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Badminton Pickleball grass boundary lines

Badminton Pickleball grass boundary lines made from high quality, strong and resistant polypropylene material.

Today’s outdoor sports, such as badminton or pickleball became very popular between professional and amateur players. People like to play for fun. It’s cool to spend Summer time after work on the park on the grass, meet on the weekend with the friends in the warm, sunny day.

Badminton grass field boundary lines is a part of the badminton court. Outdoor badminton field should be rectangle measuring 5,18 m x 13,40 m for single competition and 6,10 m x 13,40 m for doubles.

Badminton Pickleball grass boundary lines

Boundary lines are adjustable  for single and double play with maximum dimensions of 6,10 m x 13,40 m. Two regulators will help you to set the court size. Two centre lines and two short service lines are making “T” shape form line from each side. Court lines wide is 4 cm. Blue, red and yellow lines colors contrasts with the color of the ground. Both two side and two end lines are placed inside the dimensions of the playing court. For easier fit center of lines marked with square of different color. Set of boundary lines includes hand winder for easy storage and four fixation pegs on rubber band in the corners. Lines are great fit for Pickleball outdoor court. Worldwide shipping and free local delivery.


  • Hand winder
  • Easy to fit
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Adjustable lines
  • For singles: 5,18 m x 13,40 m
  • For doubles: 6,10 m x 13,40 m
  • Line width: 4 cm
  • Two “T” shape form lines from each side
  • Weight: 1,7 kg
  • Fixation pegs
  • Made in Poland
  • Local shipping: 1 – 3 working days (for additional details and international shipping please contact the seller)

Color: Blue / Red / Yellow

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Weight1.7 kg